Aquaman star Jason Momoa wore a purple suit at the Joker premiere.


Aquaman star Jason Momoa wore a purple suit at the Joker premiere.

Jason Momoa has a purple dress in the Joker premiere. A few days before Todd Philip Joker's film finally arrived in theaters, it may seem hard to believe that even today, despite what has been written and said about

Although DC fans have been waiting for high expectations from Jokersince it was revealed that Joaquin Phoenix will act as a catalyst for Arthur Fleck and Bad Joker to change elegance, the intense buzz about the film did not start until the end of this summer. 

When he won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival. In addition to the award, critics were impressed by the performance of Phoenix, who lost fifty-two pounds for this role. 

As the Jokerapproached its official release date, Oscar's pulses were steady, although the film also received several negative ratings after its release at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September. However, Joker is coming to some impressive box office shows on the opening day and was the premiere of l. a. He has an extensive guest list, including a very familiar member of the DC family.


Jason Moma Interview Joker: AQUAMAN

Jason Momoa, best known by fans as Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, was ready to attend the Joker premiere at the famous TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Being the premiere of DC, but Momoa will not appear in a typical costume or evening. Instead, the recently converted forty-year-old star seems to want to praise the Jokerin a purple suit. 

Momoa's photos are about to wear her purple-colored dresses properly to us courtesy of the Twitter account of DC News, who acquired a video of Momoa's stories on Instagram. In it, Momoa clearly shows excited this dress and even his shoes, also purple (with green soles). Watch the video and see the photos courtesy below:

Always cheerful and positive, it is clear that Momoa did not allow the current controversy surrounding Joker to destroy his evenings at the grand premiere. Recently there has been a lot of debate about whether the Joker releases his violent title character with a lot of light or not. 

Phoenix came from a recent interview when asked if this was a problem (just to come back later), and Warner Bros recently issued a statement defending the film after members of the Aurora shooting family, Colorado expressed concern that the film could help launch Another collective fire. 

In light of the negative press received, Warner made the decision to restrict the broadcasting of Red Carpet reporters to the Los Angeles premiere.

Momoa's decision to wear a purple dress in the premiere certainly helps focus the audience's attention on the film and its main character. While it is true that Phillip's Joker is not necessarily a satanic dressed in purple and known by the capital's lovers and loved by 

caricature, Momoa's honor shows that, first of all, she is in the premiere to see a movie about one of the best villains. Of comics of all time. With a bit of luck, time will stifle concerns about the possible harmful effects of Joker on the audience, leaving only the film and its shows to receive the attention they deserve.
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