It's always sunny Season 13: The weakest chain still has the best episode


It's always sunny Season 13: The weakest chain still has the best episode

There's always the sun in Philadelphia, perhaps the thirteen season is the weakest in the show so far, but it also made the best episode. 

Always sunny in Philadelphia, it was first presented in 2005 and is a completely black skit that follows a group of professionals who run the Paddy's saloon. They, in turn, are selfish, social, insecure and cruel, and most of their plans are wrong and designed to fail.

Though it's all awesome, there's something strange about the perpetual Sunny in Philadelphia, which is summed up in the chemistry of actors, including Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson and Charlie Day (Terrible Bosses). Given the longevity of the program, it's hard to believe that he was about to cancel after his first season, so Danny DeVito was added by some powerful stars.

 He was brilliant and Always sunny in Philadelphia, where he continued for fourteen years and beyond, making him one of the oldest comedies ever.


The way the ancients returned is Always sunny thirteen season from Philadelphia

In the most successful sitcom, such as Friends or The workplace, there is a comfortable formula, and although the characters grow a little over time, the story tends to repeat itself. The amazing thing about "It's Always sunny in Philadelphia" is the lack of band growth with people.

It is bad and miserable because the first season and age did not bring wisdom. However, waterproof (Rob McElhenney) showed the highest growth and subsequent seasons indicated it was anomalous. 

Eventually, he left the eleven season after years of deprivation of himself and others, and his struggle to tell his father would serve as the basis for the thirteen episode season of "It's Always sunnyin Philadelphia." .

Unfortunately, there's always the sun in Philadelphia, and the thirteen season is probably the weakest. Displays several failed episodes such as "The Gang Do a Clip Show" or "The Gang Wins the massive Game". 

He still had jewels like "The Gang Escapes", but there was a feeling of steering the wheel in a disappointing season. That's why the end of the season "Mac finds his pride" is a pleasant surprise as Mac finds it hard to find his place as a gay man and talk to his convicted father. Of course, Frank Reynolds (Devito) is the worst possible person to help him with this and reduces Mac battles at all times.

What makes Mac find his pride is so great that he takes his suffering seriously, and in the end sees that he confesses to his father that he is like me and then performs a really great dance. 

In addition to explaining why Mac surprised surprisingly during the 13th season of Philadelphia's "It's Always sunny," it's a completely different sequence than anything else the show has seen. It's really touching, especially when the waterproof father moves to the middle, 

but the stuttering waterproof device still ends the routine, and even makes Frank cry when he finally understands what waterproof is going through. The season as a whole was not the best in the show. But it is impressive that even after thirteen seasons, I can still offer the best episode of the series so far.
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