Fast and furious writer confirms that Mystery Sir Jack Hobbs and Shaw Villain will return


Fast and furious writer confirms that Mystery Sir Jack Hobbs and Shaw Villain will return

The mysterious villain Hobbes & Show will play a role in future episodes of Fast & Foros, according to the film's author. With Dwayne Johnson and mythical being Statham, the film was a live show of the very famous franchise. 

Johnson debuted in Quick 5 in 2011. This particular sequel is often seen as a transitional rendition, moving the franchise into a series of thriller-filled films. It was worth it, not only at the box office but also in attracting more prominent stars to the cast. Statham made his debut in quick & Furious vi before making a prominent appearance in Furious seven.

Eventually, the explosives department saw government agent Luke Hobbes (Johnson) forced to cooperate with his former criminal adversary Dickard Shaw (Statham) to stop the machinations of a bad superpower called Brixton, played by Idris Elba. The film starred as Vanessa Kirby as a double actor in Hw's MI6, Hattie, and participated in several surprisingly huge films. 

Hobbes & Shaw also revealed that Elbe was just a tool for a bigger, more sinister force known as Eton, which traced the wires from the shadow and responded to a mysterious figure known as The Director.


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Speaking exclusively with Screen Rant to celebrate the official release, Chris Morgan revealed that the thread will not stop. The news follows a minor return to Hobbes and Shaw. Although it was not a bomb, it was mostly rescued from a major exhibition in China. Therefore, it is not clear whether the show will get its sequences or simply retire to the original saga. 

If this is the latter, it is unknown even if the story of Sir Jack Hobbs & Shaw is canceled or managed similarly. On the direct question in this regard, Morgan explained the question:

"This specifically speaks of the ability to tell a story in a cinematic world where not everything should be stuck in one story, one thing. This is a constant revelation. I want to tell the audience ... just wait."


Johnson recently pointed to a return to major films. The last episode, quick & Furious nine, is already in production and should be released in 2020. According to reports, Charlize Theron will return to Bad Cipher, and a few days ago, Cardi B was added to the cast. X film is also expected. 

Although accidental work delayed the release of the ninth film, it may have had little impact on the plot or script as well as excluding Johnson and Statham. Therefore, Sir Jack Hobbs & Shaw's continuous threads may not be reviewed until at least quick & Furious ten.

In any case, it is a testament to the arrival of the saga, and often revises the characters and maintains more form of sequential narrative on the big screen. In this sense, it is not completely different from the fact that Marvel is a film or from John Wick's ongoing adventures. 

While it is too early to predict where Eaton's story will be revealed, or where it will go, it is likely that they already have an actor ready to play the director. The part was originally conceived thinking about the Resurrection actor Keanu Reeves. 

Although Reeves is currently leading his recent growing popularity with roles in several upcoming films, it has been revealed that Reeves was in talks to join the quick & Furious family.
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