Ford vs Ferrari: Damon and Bill compete for Best Actor Oscar


Ford vs Ferrari: Damon and Bill compete for Best Actor Oscar

The Ford team will compete for Ferrari Matt Damon and Christian Bell in this year's Best Actor category. Based on a true story, the latest from director James Mangold recounts Ford Motor Company's attempt to defeat the powerful Ferrari at Le Mans. 

Carol Shelby (Damon) was hired to build a new car that could win the race and recruit Ken Miles (Pal) as a Ford driver. Ford v Ferrari played at some autumn film festivals (including compound and Toronto) and received positive ratings. The consensus is that he may not reinvent the sports wheel of the autobiography, but it is still a fun time in the cinema.

As a result, Ford v Ferrari is one of the titles that plans to get some Oscar nominations for this season. In addition to Best Film, Fox will also target categories such as directing and acting. Since Damon and Bill were in the foreground and center, there were questions about how the campaign ran the studio. 

Usually, in such a case, one is chosen as the best candidate for the actor, while the other is the best supporting actor. But Fox follows an unorthodox way.


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According to point, Fox plans to campaign for a friend and Bale in the Best Actor category, where the two stars face each other in the prize circle. Previously, many theorists believed that one of them (most likely Pal) would be a candidate for the supporting actor, so there was no internal competition. 

However, the first revisions indicated that the two are essentially co-leaders of Ford v Ferrari, so this decision makes sense.


The danger here is that Damon and Bill may end up dividing the votes between them and losing the nomination. At the same time, it's worth asking how strong your chances are to get started. 

As often happens, the best actor and best supporting actor is full of wonderful names and courageous performances, which Damon and Bill will have difficulty overcoming. In the first category, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Drive and Joaquin Phoenix in the race, while the last one like Brad Pitt, Al Pacino and Tom Hanks. 

It would be one thing if Ford v Ferrari is one of the best favorites for the best picture, so you might have a good chance of getting a nomination as an actor or two. But starting now, one can say that in the second level of competitors, movies are likely to be in the range of the best film, but have a hard ascent in other major categories.

Of course, it's still too early in the process, and it remains to be seen how the 2020 Oscars evolve. Until the various precursors (such as the Golden Globe, the Screen Actors Guild, etc.) begin to influence, all spectators can make predictions and a word of reviews the mouth. 

Perhaps Ford v Ferrari communicates with voters in a broader way than expected, and one sneaks from friend and Bale to the best actor. The odds are low, but it is clear that Fox trusts what they have. It will be interesting to observe the Oscar Circle in the coming months.
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