Harley Quinn confirms that avengers exist in the capital world


Harley Quinn confirms that avengers exist in the capital world

The worlds of Marvel and DC Comics are also divided into movies and television, however, once they become comics, fans realize that Iron Man refers to Superman in an informal language. 

Due to gentle shooting and screaming, readers should never be forced to admire that Marvel's Avengers member is Harley Quinn's favorite.
At this time, the footage may be less friendly, such as the Marvel version of the Justice League murder once without hesitation. Except for the first half, comic writers and artists can only grasp the creators, characters, and series that seem to inspire them. 

At Harley Quinn number sixty-six, storytellers made it unusual wherever Harley's loyalty was once he included the Avengers.


Harley Quinn and Joker meet in a series of neo-madness

We will save readers the harrowing story of Harley Quinn's mother's illness and let's just say that when some violent months pass, Harley decides that it is time to leave Coney Island to free himself. 

However, while noting the delivery of many (special) comics of the journey, fans can only notice the superhero slogans that will adorn their back. 

The Help button does not surprise anyone, given how much Harley Quinnattender likes, as has been confirmed in many magazine stories. However, what should be highlighted is that the purple/lavender brooch is directly beside it.


Assaulter's films may have moved away from Clint Barton's favorite color, something we tend to expect to change the Hawkeye TV series, but magazine readers understand that the purple target is as expressive as possible for Hawkeye. 

They have also been employed in the art of cover and the sale of Hawkeye in recent years, ensuring that fans will create the association.

So if anyone confuses that Avengers member, Harley Quinn likes it better, the solution is clear. Now that we all know the solution, it is already clear (Clint is the closest problem to Cupid, after all). Iron Man loves Shazam, while in the world of DC Shazam shows his love for Captain America. 

It is a friendly exchange of tenderness that continues if the editors of any face agree or not. Fans can support the richest: Iron Man or Batman? Any comic book reader can always compare their favorite stars to their nearest competition. 

However, let Harley know the important lesson: even heroes cannot facilitate each other's level. Look for full credits and draw the summary for the following difficulty:

Harley Quinn # sixty-six (2019)

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