IT: How Pennywise's design has changed over the years


IT: How Pennywise's design has changed over the years

A video was published showing the evolving forms of Pennywise, the demon changing the fear of various modifications of Stephen King. The story began as Stephen King's second-longest novel (after the long saga of the situation) and in two cases tells the struggle of a group of untouchables while fighting the beast that eats children.
So far it has adapted three times. 

First, it was in 1990 with what is described as small series, but closer to a few television films, because both "episodes" last more than ninety minutes and the two tell the whole story. The Indian series Woh (episode with "it" in Hindi), aired throughout 1998, was adapted from the series rather than the novel and presented a different and less cosmic background story of the homogenous threat, which explains your motives. . . 

More recently, it was Andy Musketti who was acclaimed in IT and the second chapter film that reintroduced a story to the modern audience and managed to push the horror movies a little more towards their due public acceptance.


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The Tell It Animated video shows the different variations of Pennywise presented in each of the edits. Using the help of cartoon images, the details that make up each version of his appearance are explained and also touches the different forms taken by the demonic clown, such as the differences in the global monsters of the mini (taken directly from the novel), the meager witch and the vagabond of modern films.

Tell It Animated produced a series of videos, similarly tracking the likes of countless iterations that Godzilla had sixty-five years ago and dozens of films; various inventions and parodies of Ghostface from the post-modern saga slasher cynic. And the appearance of Captain America in the series of forty, seventies cheese and sacred in 1990 in the cap DMCU know and love today.

It is one of the best-known books by Stephen King (not always for positive reasons) and since the iconic historical adversary is determined by his ability to change his appearance as desired, the analysis of his appearance is well suited. 

The video recipes for each aspect of Pennywise are simple and effective and show how simple changes in appearance can make a big difference in how a character is perceived, both on a clear surface level and also psychologically thin.
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