Joel Kinnaman says that the suicide team James Gunn is more comic


Joel Kinnaman says that the suicide team James Gunn is more comic

According to actor Joel Kinnaman, The James Suicide Squad will adopt a more comical tone than the efforts he made in 2016 titled and directed by David Eyre. Critics were criticized almost universally but succeeded heavily at the box office, and David showed yesterday the Suicide Squad's memorable performances by Will Smith and Margot Robbie but has little to offer for something else. 

The film sits only twenty-seven percent on Rotten Tomatoes (with an audience of fifty-nine percent), and the film was an active (albeit somewhat embarrassing) attempt to bring these characters to the big screen in an impressive style. If something good came out of the film, it was the fact that his poor reception spurred the Justice League team to improve.

It should be noted that Kennan played Rick Flag in yesterday's film, which gave him a strong reference point from which he can compare/compare his experience in shooting the Gann version. For Gunn himself, he may be better known for directing Guardian of the Galaxy films. 

In July 2018, Gunn was criticized for the tweets he posted years ago that caused Marvel's release. He has returned a bit, landing at concerts guiding The Suicide Squad, and the delight of Marvel fans, the guardians coming to the Galaxy Vol. 3)


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During an interview with selection, Kinnaman revealed that Gunn's approach to the film would be more fun than yesterday. This, along with the fact that some characters will not return, will help this film separate itself from its unhappy predecessor.
He's an incredible man. Written a wonderful script. 

It's so funny ... I feel like I'm shooting my first play. There are a lot of really fun people out there. It's like a learning experience. I am surrounded by lots of wonderful and fun people.

If you think Kinnaman's comments, Gunn's sequel will follow a completely different approach to the Suicide squad yesterday. It would be interesting to know how much fun this film enjoys, especially given that yesterday's original film was a comedy on its own (with permission from Smith's Deadshot and Harley Quinn of Robbie). The film failed in several ways, but humor and heart were not among them.

Kinnaman stood in the first film, but it was so bad that watching him make jokes and jokes would be a bit annoying. Funny but tense. This is pure speculation right now, but given Gan's reputation as a film director, The Suicide Squad is likely to prove a huge success with critics and audiences, showing his ability to tell stories about comic gear rather than the game.
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