Joker Mashop sees the prince clown dancing on Eminem's poison


Joker Mashop sees the prince clown dancing on Eminem's poison

In a fan of Joker's Todd Phillips trailer, Joaquin Phoenix's version of Clown Crime aristocrat dances a few steps away from Eminem's "poison" rhythm, and it works amazingly.

2018 was a great year for songs related to superhero movies. Deadpool got a pair of "Ashes", and Spider-Man: In The Spider-Verse, it was "Sunflower", and the militant had a full album of songs, including "All The Stars", nominated for an Oscar by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. 

Not excluded, Tom Hardy Venom, had a rap song of Eminem in which the artist tried to find as many rhymes as possible for the word Venom ("Adrenaline Momentum" is the best, and then basically differences on "I" "and" "M").


How viewers responded to (Joker) the dispute of the carpenter

When a character dances in a movie, it is imperative that the scene ends with different songs. 

The same goes for the action scenes, where the scene of the Battle of Thor Bridge: Ragnarok (originally designated in the song of the immigrant song Led Zeppelin) was shown with "Toxic" by Britney Spears and the scene of fighting in the room of the throne of Star Wars: Another Jedi Get Remix "Fighting Kung Fu". Jokercan be one of DC's darkest movies to date, but it also has a scene in which the main character dances, which means he now inevitably received a blending treatment.

As courtesies suggest in the trailer, Jokerreaches theaters with a lot of commotion and Oscar already, and critics praise the Phoenix version of the character. Jokeris somewhat inspired by the 1983 film King of Comedy and imagines a new origin story for Batman's most famous enemy. 

Phoenix plays Arthur Flake, a middle-aged man who works daily as a clown and turns posters and aspirations into a successful comedian. The search for his goals puts him in conflict with Thomas Wayne and unleashes the storm of chaos and violence in Gotham.

The poison is also known for some chaos and violence, is a symbiosis of another planet that likes to bite people's heads. The poison was mainly criticized by critics, but it became a sudden box office success, as it proved to be strange enough to beat the audience and make him want to see more of Eddie Brooke and his sticky foreign friend. 

Venom comes a pair of, so I hope Sony footage can make another deal with Eminem and get a whole new song to dance for the sequel.
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