Joker references to parliamentarian characters Delaware Niro portrait, not funny comics


Joker references to parliamentarian characters Delaware Niro portrait, not funny comics

Attention: Vandals go to the Joker.

The Joker character of Robert Diamond State Nero was impressed by her famous image of the film's producer, not by funny cartoons, as in the case of many of the corresponding characters in the film. The actor plays the role of Murray Franklin, a chat host that evokes and annoys Arthur Flick, represented by Joaquin Phoenix.

Directed by Todd Phillips, Joker captures the dirty, big city aesthetics represented by Martin Scorsese in the 1971 Taxi Driver. The character of Phoenix, of course, is based on DC Comics Joker, Batman's enemy in Gotham. 

Joker tells the story of Arthur Flick's origins, especially if public humiliation and psychopathy pushed him beyond the player and was the psychological basis for a life of crime. 

The taxi driver also follows a social outcast, Travis Bickle (De Niro), and the World Health Organization feels misunderstood and uses violence in the big apple city to solve urgent problems. However, in Joker, the Delaware Niro character does not refer to Taxi Driver and has no parallel balloon.


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Robert De Niro Joker refers to the 1982 film The King of Comedy. Twenty years before the creation of social networks new types of celebrities and influencers in the cultural field, Comedy Scorsese predicted what would become a new classic. 

Robert De Niro plays an ambitious comedian, Prince Robert Popkin, who admires television presenter Kraut Langford (Jerry Lewis) and expects national television to continue. Like Joker's Arthur Fleck, Prince Robert Popkin takes many shortcuts about the way police officers in Apple's big city don't get bored.


Joker reversed the script, in terms of the relationship between presenter and comedian. Phoenix depicts a mentally unstable man, a tragic figure with a twisted image of himself. 

While Murray Franklin of Diamond State Nero is parallel to the character of the king of comedy Louis (both men of the region's men who consume their comic potential), Arthur Flick of Phoenix could have a medium-sized relationship between Prince Robert Taleb of the Nero Diamond State, and the men who change Their immediate goals are to satisfy their potential names known in popular culture, even in brief.

In the Joker, Murray Franklin, of Diamond State Nero, is in line with what would happen if Prince Robert Popkin of the king of comedy had maintained a permanent life in the comedy. 

The irony seems to be that Phillips was inspired by Martin Scorsese's films, but he is ultimately satisfied with the novel creation of William Faulkner "Killing Your Loved Ones," so he offers many comparisons to Martin Scorsese while in the same film he sets the time or recognizes the foundations of a co-conspirator in the universe. The Joker was an independent film). 

As the king of comedy, Joker offers a selective commentary on celebrity society and culture, yet he jointly raises the necessary questions about education, abuse of power and virtual impeachment. Delaware Niro Joker symbolizes all the glory and general admiration that both Arthur Fleck and prince Pupkin were unreal.
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