Matrix 4: David Leach wants to return in any way he can


Matrix 4: David Leach wants to return in any way he can

David Leach, director of Hobbs & Show, began as the director of the second unit and acrobatic coordinator in the original Matrix sequence, and Leach says he will take the opportunity to work on the next Matrix IV film. The title will include the original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss, who repeat their roles as Knew and Trinity. So far, the release date has not been confirmed.

Matrix's first innovative film surprised the audience by combining special effects never seen before with the sci-fi version of Hero's Journey. When the film was released in 1999, the brothers Lana and Lily Wachowski were welcomed as promising visions. 

However, the public's reaction was less positive towards reloaded matrices and matrix revolutions. For the fourth feature film in the series, Lana Wachowski will be out without her sister, who has moved away from science fiction entertainment since 2016.


Everything we know about MATRIX four spoke with Leitch to launch John & Berry Hobbs & Shaw's Quick & Furious home video. The young director began directing and coordinating film sequences such as Coronations to Matrix and Blade and Fight Club and worked on favorites in cult such as Orgazmo and BASE Basketball. 

Today, Leach directs large-budget films such as Hobbes and Shaw; however, he told that his work was directly inspired by his time in the group with the Wachowski brothers. 

The anti-climate sequence in John Berry Hobbs & Shaw contains subtle hints of the famous Matrix work sequences. As a result, Leach said he would be willing to help with everything Lana Wachowski needed when filming the sequel to The Matrix four.

"If Lana called her and wanted to do something in this film, she would have with C or sandbags ... I enjoyed working with her and I enjoyed working with her sister and I feel I owe her. Much of my cinematic experience not only work on Matrix films but also Speed ​​Racer, Ninja Assassin. They were great mentors for me, so if you call me, I'll be there.


Matrix did not only affect directors like Leach. The Matrix franchise had a significant impact on pop culture in general. Decades later, terms such as "eating a red bean" and "folding spoon" are still widely used, and the sequences of ballistic motion for the 1999 film were important developments in the history of special effects. 

Unfortunately, the subsequent work of the Wachowski brothers has disappointed the public.

In 2015, Wachowski made the scientific ambition film Jupiter Ascending. At the time, most studios were investing in rebooting, adaptations, and sequencing, and the original sci-fi adventure of the Wachowski sisters was a failure. The film has a rating of twenty-seven % of Rotten Tomatoes. Although the consequences of Matrix have their fans, many critics and viewers agree that the consequences cannot match the original Matrix.

However, Matrix four can press the reset button during the privilege. With the death of modern and Trinity in The Matrix Revolutions, many fans expect the new film to be released over time. 

Rumors that Lana Wachowski is looking for an actor playing the role of a young Morpheus seem to support these fan theories. If this is true, The Matrix four may be a sequel that Matrix fans have been waiting for twenty years.

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