Netflix's Breaking Bad, The manner has been watched for over twenty-five million times


Netflix's Breaking Bad, The manner has been watched for over twenty-five million times

Over twenty-five million homes were seen in the first seven days of The Road: A Breaking Bad. The movie was previewed on Netflix two weeks ago and received critical and commercial praise. It was broadcast by about eight.

2 million people in the first three days. Nielsen Holdings reported that the film had half-dozen.5 million viewers: two.6 million people saw it on its opening day, on October 11th. Forty percent of these viewers were men aged eighteen to forty-nine years old.

The sequel to Breaking Bad reveals the fate of Jesse Pinkman right after the end of the series. That final (aired on AMC six years ago) ended with the death of Walter White and the release of Pinkman. The last thing we saw at Pinkman was that he was leading the way to uncertainty. The two-hour finale continues in its right place and embraces a narrative full of memories, veils, and nostalgia.


Because Jess took the road at the end of a dangerous break

Netflix usually doesn't accept SVOD content ratings from Nielsen and hasn't officially commented on any number yet. Netflix tweets this morning that an incredible number of twenty-five .734,392 homes have aired The manner in its first week. 

To put this huge number in perspective, the average ticket price for a stage show in most of the United States. UU. That's about $ 10, which means that if this level of interest is retained in a theatrical environment, there will be more than $ 250 million in ticket sales in just one week. 

Taking advantage of El Camino's anticipation, Breaking dangerous has seen an increase in audience. Nielsen reported that the average audience in the original series increased by more than 90,000 admissions before the premiere of the method.

The creator of Breaking dangerous and the intellectual author of El Camino, Vince Gilligan, aims to end Jesse's story logically and calm the masses. Actor Pinkman Aaron Paul repeated this gentle feeling to the fans. Honoring their mutual loyalty with the Breaking Bad fan base. 

Paul, before repeating his role as Pinkman, has not seen this kind of applause since the end of the original program; struggling to find his way on the big and small screen. Gilligan, on the other hand, continued to break Breaking Badwith the brilliant series, Higher decision Saul. Now they meet again with the broadcast service that made them famous.

Breaking dangerous was first introduced at AMC in 2008. It arrived at almost everyone's home when it arrived at Netflix in 2011. Before it became a "mandatory" feature, the software was at risk of being canceled; a difficult situation to imagine for a series now considered one of the best programs Of all time. 

While El Camino easily surpassed the five million mark within a few days, his ship series did not reach this kind of audience at AMC until the end of its final season. This is because Netflix has access to a large audience that has estimated Breaking Badat AMC. To praise this fact, El Camino first arrived at the broadcasting service.

Netflix released an official announcement about El Camino at the end of August, two months before the film's release. Until then, the film was wrapped secretly: the audience heard only weak whispers from the project. 

Both fans and critics were returned through the sudden announcement, progress and subsequent release of the film; their success is a testament not only to the credibility of the namesake and creators but also to the loyalty of the fans.
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