Robert Downey Jr. told about the last moments on the set with Stan Lee


Robert Downey Jr. told about the last moments on the set with Stan Lee

The actor of the role of Iron Man in touching words told about the last moments he spent in the company of Stan Lee.

The departure of Stan Leewas a hard experience for the whole superhero world. Both fans, filmmakers and actors spared no warm words about the legend of Marvel. Now Robert Downey Jr. shared the backstage of his last moments with fans alongside Stan.

Robert Downey Jr. about the last moments on the set with Stan Lee
It turns out that the last moment of cooperation was the movie "Captain America: War of Heroes" for men. Stan Lee starred in the movie in the form of a cameo, delivering a package for Tony Stark. 

The old man twisted the hero's name, which became the object of his friend's joke. Many Marvel fans point to this moment as Stan's favorite performance in

MCU movies.

It was one of the last moments I shared with him. The best part about it was that he succeeded on the first shot. The stage came out perfectly. The creators said, however, that we should repeat it. Then he began to say "I have a package for Robert ...". I realized then that it was amazing that even the guy who created this character by thinking of her thought of me. It's great. Stan Lee forgot who I was at the moment.


Stan Lee was honored by Marvel in a moving video


The cause of the legendary creator's death was heart and respiratory failure. Last time we had the opportunity to see him on screen, it cameo in the movie "Avengers: Endgame". Stan's death echoed around the world. 

Both known actors and musicians honored the memory of the deceased. However, personal entries are not over and fans from around the world are racing to this day in various (and often very creative) ways to honor Stan. 

New Yorkers are fighting for the statue of Stan Lee, and the city already has a street in his name. Hasbro also demonstrated the initiative by creating figurines with his likeness, and even Pornhub.

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