Ryan Reynolds congratulates the Joker on behalf of Deadpool, Jesus, and others


Ryan Reynolds congratulates the Joker on behalf of Deadpool, Jesus, and others

He congratulates Ryan painter Joker for breaking Deadpool's record and Deadpool a pair of to become the highest-rated R movie ever. Warner Bros. and DC Films once again faced an illustrated R-comic this year focusing on the capital's most famous villain. Although some questioned the first time the project was announced, Joaquin Phoenix made a great show as Clown Crime patrician and was the center of Joker's grand welcome.

After appearing on the festival circuit that made the Joker seem a serious contender for awards, the film's anticipation reached a high temperature. This led to the continued release of box office films for the film and ultimately increased openness to the best ninety six million dollars in October nationwide. 

In recent weeks, the Joker has maintained a great performance at the global box office, leading to the expectation that it will become the most lucrative film of all time.


BOKER BOX BOX success shows that Marvel is not the only way

Now, just a few days later, Joker officially set a new box office record for R-rated movies and does so by surpassing the performance of painter 'Deadpool films. In what is now a common practice among film and study participants, Reynolds turned to Twitter to congratulate Joker on this documentary performance. But since this film is rated at R level, the painter put his usual comic role on the publication and did it on behalf of many other Joker films.

Reynolds has been at the top of the R-Box rankings for the past three years thanks to the Deadpool franchise. The original film of a pair of016 retained the crown title for a few years, and it wasn't until the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 in which he did a sequel enough to surpass his predecessor. 

Now, Reynolds and Mir with Mouth will fall in second and third place in this table as a result of Joker's stunning performance. Reynolds will have to wait for Deadpool three with Marvel Studios to try to regain the title, which will be more difficult as Joker continues to rise, predictions say it could end up with more than $ 900 million worldwide.

With all the money Joker won, it is no surprise that it is a very lucrative film for the flux unit and DC. They made the film on a relatively low budget for superhero film standards and this will lead to a great comeback. Recent reports predict that Joker is as profitable for flux unit as Walt Disney's Avengers: time War. 

This will make Joker one of the best-selling flux units in modern memory, ahead of possible Oscar nominations (or even victories) arriving early next year. If this continues, Joker could soon win congratulations from more than Reynolds.
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