Schooner asserts that Flash is dying in a crisis in countless lands


Schooner asserts that Flash is dying in a crisis in countless lands

Flash director Eric Wallace supports what was proposed by the premiere of the sixth season of last season: Barry Allen will die at the intersection of Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths. Barry has disappeared since the show was first shown in 2014. 

Viewers often see a title for the future, written by journalist Iris West Allen, who is also Barry's wife. The title says "Flash is missing, disappears in crisis" dated twenty-five April 2024. However, at the end of the fifth season, the daughter of Barry and Iris, Nora, was sacrificed and disappeared from the schedule. This brings the newspaper's history to 2019.

During the premiere of Flash last night, Barry and Iris were visited by The Monitor, where he told them that Barry would die on December 10, 2019. This is in the middle of Crisis Crossing in Infinite Lands, which will be broadcast for three nights in December, before Ending with two episodes in January. 

It will include The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and at least one Black Lightning character. Al-Monitor has warned Bari and Iris that there is nothing they can do to stop Barry's death but will save billions of dollars in his sacrifice.


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According to cosmic background radiation, the Flash viewer, Wallace, confirms that this is the case: "We know that ten December 2019, Flash will die ... We do not play ... The screen that appears and makes a cosmic statement that leads you to extremism to fight or accept the crisis The impending, every episode of the season ... 

is "I accept death or fight against him?" As Wallace said, "The crisis has turned into the best thing that can happen to ... Flash because it created an instant moment for things. "During the summer, Wallace revealed that the crisis in the infinite territory will affect the entire sixth season of the Flash, not just the previous episodes and follow-up directly.


Barry is not the only character with his fate in the air during the crisis in the infinite territory. During Elseworlds crossover last season, Arrow's jazzman Queen made a deal with The Monitor, changing his life from Barry and Supergirl. However, after a conversation with The Monitor with Barry, it is not clear what the agreement looks like. 

Al-Monitor came to pick Oliver at the end of the seven-season stock, instead of warning him of the impending crisis as he did with Barry. Supergirl's death is not mentioned except for the case of {oliver | Oliver | Joseph jazzman | King Oliver | jazz musician | jazzman}, but like Barry and Oliver, he died in the comic crisis in Infinite Lands.

Although Barry Allen's viewers are unlikely to know that he will die at the end of the intersection, his death is still possible and even possible at some point, given Wallace's comments. Thanks to the powers of The Monitor and all the Arrowverse superheroes involved in Crisis in Infinite Lands, time travel is likely. 

This means that the flash can die, only to save itself by returning in time. It is also possible that different versions of The Flash, Supergirl and inexperienced Arrow may die, perhaps from other Lands, such as those visited in Elseworlds. 

Whatever happens, Wallace's comments will make fans more excited about the intersection and season of The Flash this season.
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