Toward Swanna pokemon


Toward Swanna pokemon


We waited with tension the news that grandmother would bring us about the enemy, as if one could hesitate between the multitude of alleged assailants; but then my grandfather said, "I recognize Swanna voice.

" In fact, he only knew his voice; because, fearing mosquitoes, we smoked as little light as possible in the garden, we could barely make out his face with a uneven nose, green eyes under a high forehead and blond hair, almost red, combed à la Bressant. 

I went slightly to say that liqueurs were served; grandmother attached importance to this, believing that it was more polite, so that it did not seem that they appeared as if exceptionally, especially for guests. Swanna, although much younger, lived very warmly with his grandfather; his grandfather was once one of his father's best friends, a good man, but the original, which seems to be enough to change his heart reflexes and change his course of thought. 

Husband, Wife, Death, Mourning, Despair, Human Condition I heard many times a year my grandfather told anecdotes at the table - always the same - about the behavior of old Swanna at the death of his wife, whom he watched day and night. 

His grandfather, who had not seen him for a long time, ran to him to the mansion that the Swanna had near Combray, and to save him from putting the body in the casket, he managed to pull him out of the deadly room in tears. They walked a few steps in the park, where there was some sun. Suddenly Swanna, taking his grandfather's arm, exclaimed


Toward Swanna


"Often, but not much at once, like a good old Swanna," became one of my grandfather's favorite sentences when he spoke about a variety of things. I would think that Swanna father was a monster if my grandfather, whom I considered a better judge and whose sentence, being an oracle to me, would often help me absolve someone else's mistakes, he would not have shouted:
- But no, it was a golden heart!

French House: "figures we will never know, neither you nor me, and we will do without it," said Aunt to Swanna, who may have had a letter from Twickenham in his pocket; she told him to move the piano and turn the notes when his grandmother's sister sang, treating this man, somewhere else so sought after, with the naive unceremoniousness of a child who plays with a rare trinket like a penny toy. 

Undoubtedly, Swanna, whom so many clubmen knew at that time, was very different from the one her aunt had created when, in the evening in the garden in Combray, since two timid bells rang out, she tuned everything she knew about the Swanna family of a gloomy personage, which emerged from the darkness, preceding her grandmother and making her voice known. 

Human condition But even from the point of view of the least significant things, we are not a whole materially shaped, identical for everyone, which everyone can simply check like a mortgage or will; our social personality is a creation of other people's thoughts. Even such a simple act, which we call "seeing a familiar person," is partly an intellectual act. 

We fill the physical appearance of the person we see with all the concepts we have about him; and in the overall shape we create, these concepts certainly have the greatest share. 

In the end, they puff out the cheeks so closely, they coincide so closely with the line of the nose, they tone the sound of the voice so effectively, as if the voice were only a transparent coating, that every time we see this face and hear this voice, we find these concepts, we hear them. 

Undoubtedly, in the Swanna they created, my parents neglected by ignorance to introduce a lot of properties of his world life, which were the reason that other people, being in the company of the same Swanna, saw the refinement of his physiognomy, ending on a humped nose like on its natural border . 

In return, on this face stripped of its charm, empty and spacious, in the depths of those devalued eyes, my parents and relatives could find a cloudy and mild sediment - half memory, half forgetfulness - lazy hours spent together after a village dinner, around a card table or in the garden, in the age of our neighborly relations. 

Our Swanna bodily shell was stuffed with them so tightly - as well as memories of his parents - that this Swanna became a full and living being. In fact, I feel like I am leaving one person to go to another, completely different from me, when in my memory from Swanna, whom I knew exactly later, 

I go to the first Swanna - to the first Swanna, in which I find charming mistakes of my own youth and which, moreover, is less like that than people I knew at the same time; as if our life was like a museum, where all portraits from one era have a family resemblance, some common tone; - to the first Swanna, saturated with the aroma, soaked with the smell of a large chestnut, baskets of strawberries and a bit of tarragon.

Well, this saying about Swanna had the effect not that it would raise Swanna in the eyes of his aunt, but that it lowered Mrs. de Villeparisis in them. It would seem that the respect we had for Mrs. de Villeparisis' faith made her grandmother oblige her not to do anything that made her less worthy of respect. She failed to do so by acknowledging Swanna existence and letting her relatives stop with him.


- How can she know Swanna? Well, you know, for the person you talked about, she was a relative of Marshal de Mac-Mahon!
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