Frozen two screened on an opening weekend worth one hundred million dollars


Frozen two screened on an opening weekend worth one hundred million dollars

Frozen II should be a huge success, as the shows now point to the opening of the weekend worth $ 100 million. Frozen killed the box office in 2013, where her direct rival, The Hunger Games: Catching fireplace, presented a race for her money. In the first three days, sixty frozen deposits saw seven.

4 million, while its total five days exceeded ninety-three .6 million. This is about $ 5 million behind Zootopia, which is still the most lucrative Disney film to date. But if we want to believe in the current outlook, Frozen II can change it.

When Frozen was released in theaters in 2013, the world became brutal. With fans singing the famous Elsa hymn for personal editing ("Let It Go") and critics who love the winning mix of humor and heart of the film, it quickly became apparent that Disney had a phenomenon on her hands. 

The film closed box office receipts for one.2 billion dollars, making it inevitable.


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According to The Hollywood Newspaper, Frozen II is not only designed to pass the first film but is also looking for a local opening worth $ 100 million (compared to the ninety $ 3 million debuts from Frozen). This would put him at the top of the list of top-selling filmmaker Animation Studios and set the very high level for newer releases. 

The Thanksgiving weekend saw some of the best box office deals ever, with The Hunger Games: Catching fireplace taking first place in that release and 
Frozen. If Frozen II exceeds current expectations, it may end up setting a new record.


While Disney and Pixar dominate the list of the most popular animated films, other studies have intensified the competition. Minions from Illumination Entertainment's earned more than $ 1 billion worldwide in 2015, an incredibly powerful attraction for a non-Disney animated film. 

Although he had a modest box office success, Sony's Spider-Man: Spider-Verse ended up beating Disney's Ralph Breaks web and Incredibles two in the Academy Award for best-animated film, surpassing the six-year winning series. Disney.

According to her amazing boycott, Frozen II looks more beautiful, exciting and objectively powerful than its predecessor. The film will bring Anna (Christine Bell) and Elsa (Edna Manzil) beyond the Arendal era and in a vast and unknown world. 

As an additional incentive to bring fans back to the original theaters, Frozen II promoting promised to reveal the source of Elsa's powers and solve the mystery of what happened to her and Anna's parents. No wonder the sequel is already well done.
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