Hecker Ledger Heath Ledger wears the baby on Halloween


Hecker Ledger Heath Ledger wears the baby on Halloween

In the case of life mimicking a terrible nightmare, a child from a Tennessee couple was handed over by a doctor dressed as a bad Joker Heath Ledger. Ledger won the posthumous Oscar for his performance, and the role earned him a permanent legacy that can be seen every year on Halloween when fans portray the character. 

In the 2008 film The Dark Knight, Ledger's version of the famous comic character became a global phenomenon; separating the odd characterization of the actor from his interpretation from other iterations of Batman's enemy arch. 

Some unforgettable The Dark Knight scenes include Joker, which occurs in the hospital.

In the middle of the dark knight, Joker (dressed as a nurse) faces Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) with severe burns in the hospital. After the reaction, the Joker leaves the hospital and tries to detonate a bomb behind him, but there is no explosion. This was a technical error in the group; the bomb was exploding. 

With only one chance to fire, the character plays with the bomber until the explosion occurs. The story behind this scene is one of the most discussed things about the film, making today's news more ironic.


Batman: Five ways unprecedented in the dark (five ways are not provided)

According to the Young Parents Blog, Justin and Brittany Silve's baby was born on November 5; however, on the morning of Halloween, Oakland Sage was welcomed into the world with a very familiar face for comic book lovers. 

The couple's obstetrician, Dr. Paul Lucus, was dressed as a classic Halloween comic character, and Lucus rushed to the hospital again disguised. Selfie scoffed at how to dress Brittany in Harley Quinn to make the encounter more memorable. 

The doctor offered the prenatal change, but Justin and Brittany decided to remain disguised as Ledger's character. "He saw her again around 4:00 that afternoon," said Justin Self. "She wasn't ready again. 

Then she said she would come home to distribute sweets and change clothes. My wife said," Oh, let's hope it won't change. "


Most couples will be reluctant to allow Joker to give birth to his baby, but Justin and Brittany Sylv claim that the doctor's uniform helped distract them from some of the more difficult aspects of childbirth. The obstetrician even spoke the voice of Joker, to the joy of the couple. 

If your daughter turns out to be a fan of comedy, you might one day appreciate the bizarre nature of her birth on Halloween. Of course, he can resist viral on his first day on Earth. To celebrate the unique life opportunity, Dr. Lucus offered the couple a farewell gift, the Dr. Joker card.

With the recent success of Todd Phillips Joker, fans compared Heath Ledger with Joaquin Phoenix Jokers. Although Ledger Joker is always a popular costume for Halloween, Dr. With Joker staying in theaters, the new version of the character is one of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2019. 

But given the exceptional nature of Oaklyn's young birth, a good doctor costume can be one of the most memorable Halloween costumes of the year.

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