Joker moving-picture show Makeup The masks worn by demonstrators around the world


Joker moving-picture show Makeup The masks worn by demonstrators around the world

Todd Phillips's wild card inspired protesters around the world to embrace the image of the famous Batman criminal. Despite the categorically contradictory response from critics and the public, the portrait of the character passing through the company continues to be illustrated at the box office. 

In the controversial film, Philip reinterprets Gotham's story and examines Arthur Flick's transformation into the clown of the crime prince. Joker recently lost his place in Rotten Tomatoes's Cool career and proved so controversial that it was not surprising that Warner Bros. 

He has actively tried to dissuade Phillips from making the film.
Part of the socio-political commentary, part of the portrait, the Joker faces a series of social problems and moral dilemmas without fear. With a stunning performance by Joaquin Phoenix, the film tries to address issues such as mental illness and the growing gap between rich and poor, etc. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, according to their opinions), the film seems to have hit the nerve. Chinese cinema will probably not protect it at all, and now that protesters have begun wearing the Jokermasks and colors, the situation seems to have intensified that no one can expect.


Criticism and hearing are already broken in the Joker

France twenty-four states that people in Lebanon (and many other cities) began to draw to adapt to the iconic (and disturbing) aspect of Joker. A group of graffiti artists known as Ashekm made a wall painting of a clown with a frown holding a cocktail Molotov. 

Letters and other artworks have been found in cities around the world, including Los Angeles (Chilean city) and Hong Kong. Check out some of the photos that have appeared on social networks, below:

In an interview with France's twenty-four, author and historian William Blanc explained why he thought the protesters took the character, saying, “Todd Phillips Joker has real provocative power. Regardless of growing fame, this phenomenon is relatively underground. 

However, there is no doubt that Philips's film provoked a strong response. The film contains some questionable moments, but it talks about the current culture and does not apologize for it. While they don't do these things perfectly, they are a big hit. 

Do people in other cities ultimately adopt this protest? It is difficult to know, especially given the speed with which the situation has changed and evolved in recent weeks.
Whether Philips means that the Joker inspires people is irrelevant. It has already happened and it seems that personal influence will only grow from here. 

Traditionally, the Joker has been an unnamed threat, a symbol of chaos and little carrier of destruction. Giving him a name and a sympathetic background was also risky for the story of the origin of the Nobel Prize-winning film The Killing Joke, but Phillips succeeded in overcoming Moore in the controversy section. 

Joker should not inspire people, but many have gathered behind the wicked version of Phoenix that deserves to study its impact. It's easy to see Flick as a liberating power, but it's also easy to see him as an angry psychopath. It fits both descriptions, making the discussion deeper and more complex than anyone expected.
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