Tom Hiddleston dressed as Daredevil and Charlie Cox as Loki on Halloween


Tom Hiddleston dressed as Daredevil and Charlie Cox as Loki on Halloween

Broadway's Betrayal staff previewed the Marvel day costumes on the doorstep on Wednesday night, with MCU stars Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox replacing the costumes, the first being disguised as Dadeville and the second disguised as Loki

With Hiddleston, Cox, and Zawe Sir Frederick Ashton, the comedy tells a love story between Emma (Ashton) and Kraut (Cox), their wife and Robert's best friend (Hiddleston). 

The events move in reverse chronological order, as the game begins two years after Emma and Jerry end their relationship. He raced with tickets sold in London earlier this year, before moving to Broadway in September. Works until December eight.

Hiddleston and Cox are known in the world of Marvel, although they occupy different distances. Hiddleston plays Norse deity, a bad cheater who turned into a half-hero, and Cox played Matt Murdock for three seasons at Daredevil from Netflix, which was canceled late last year.

 Many hope Dardeville will survive Disney +, but nothing has been announced yet. Meanwhile, Hiddleston will return to Norse deity in his Disney + series in 2021. A well-respected theatrical actress and the merit of Sir Frederick Ashton's latest film is Netflix Velvet Buzzsaw.


Norse deity's guides were already controlled while in the Avengers

Share Daredevil Daredevil Some pictures of the surprise on the door of the stage. Hiddleston and Cox decided to have some fun with the common Marvel story and exchange of characters at night, with Hiddleston wearing a Daredevil and Cox suit with the appearance of Norse deity. 

For his part, Ashton appeared as Captain Marvel, and Eddie Arnold, who had a small role in comedy like the waiter, was Captain America. Check out their costumes below:
The official Twitter account of Betailal's betrayal released a video of actors on Sunday suggesting that there will be a surprise for all Halloween on Wednesday. 

Ashton promoted him more when he took the Instagram story of the account before the show. At one time, he mentioned his costumes that explain the theme of Avengers. Later, the event was broadcast live on Instagram, and the crowd seemed full of joy.
It's always fun to see Marvel team members acting together outside the MCU, and it's fun to see Hiddleston and Cox pointing out the other's characters. 

Both actors were praised for their performance and are often considered fans' favorite characters. While Daredevil no longer works with Netflix unfortunately, there is still a possibility that Devil of Hell's Half Acre might come back at some point, as fans are still campaigning to save the program. 

Although fans will probably never have the opportunity to see the Loki and Dadeville crossroads (despite the fact who knows what the future of the MCU has in store), they still have the opportunity to see Hiddleston and Cox in betrayal when your last month of sampling enters.

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