Tyre Nichols funeral emphis will be a spark for justice

Tyre Nichols funeral Tyree Nichols' funeral was held in Memphis on Wednesday, about three weeks after his death after a videotaped police caning that sparked nationwide protests and calls for accountability. .

Tyre Nichols funeral

Reverend Al Sharpton, who delivered the eulogy, called for justice for Nichols and lamented that the 29-year-old black man was killed in the same city where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in 1968.

"Let me be clear: we understand that there are public safety concerns. We understand the need to fight crime. But you don't fight crime by becoming a criminal," Sharpton said.

The afternoon service began with a variety of musical performances and commentary from religious leaders while images of Nichols were projected onto the screen.

Rev. J. "We are here to comfort and support this family," said Lawrence Turner, senior pastor of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

"While fighting for justice, this family has borne the burden of unwanted, unjustified, unreasonable, misplaced and severe grief for a loved one," Turner added.

Several of Nichols' siblings paid tribute to their siblings, and their parents, mother Rowan Wells and stepfather Rodney Wells, also spoke.

"Tyre Nichols funeral was a beautiful person and it's unimaginable that that could happen to her," said RowVaughn Wells through tears.

"I promise you, the only thing that keeps me going is that I truly believe my son was sent here by God on a mission," she said. "I guess your homework is done now."

MLK honors the life of  Tyre Nichols funeral Nichols in Songs and Memphis

"Mothers everywhere, if your children are born while you are carrying this child, pray to God that this body and this life will last forever," Harris said at Nicholls' funeral. . Memphis Shelter.

"And if you look at this situation, this is a family that lost a son and a brother to violence at the hands and feet of people tasked with protecting them."

Nichols, 29, a black man, was struck down but repeatedly beaten after Memphis police arrested him Jan. 7. He died three days later.

"Tyre Nichols funeral The people of our country mourn with you," Harris told the Nichols family.

Reverend Al Sharpton, in an achingly familiar role, delivered an impassioned eulogy that paid tribute to Nichols' life and was a clear call for justice.

Sharpton said he visited the Lorraine Motel where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis in 1968. He contacted five former black officers charged in Nichols' death.

There is nothing offensive or offensive about those of us who fought to open the door, walked through it and were treated like people we had to fight to get through. "You don't just walk into the police station," Sharpton said.

If Nichols had been white, Sharpton said, referring to the five former officers, "you wouldn't have hit him like that."

"You don't fight crime by being a criminal... that's not police work. This is punk.

The pastor referred to King's 1968 "Mountaintop" speech in Memphis, in which King said he had reached the top and seen the promised land. He said the former police officers charged with Nichols's murder failed to live up to that legacy. "I was hoping you would take us to the promised land," Sharpton said.

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